From disco to disco with Netsky: A well-aimed drietrapsraket

Three dj-sets in three different Belgian cities, with in between: a partybus. The release of Netsky’s latest album III went Friday night accompanied by the necessary bells and whistles. And for Boris Daenen was: Veniii, vidiii, viciii.

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‘Special atmosphere,” notes Boris Daenen when he’s just come in in the Brussels ‘ Bazaar, the first stop of the partybus on the release night of III, the youngest Netsky-plate. Nervous he is no more, but he asks, however, what it’s going to give. ‘You know, on some evenings, nevertheless never who will show up.’ All attendees have tickets for one of the parties won thanks to more Knack Focus -, forty under them do with the bus, all three of the party’s.

Already at the first sounds of Rio show that the public in Brussels, however, know what it is come. Although it is still only ten hours, the fans quite easily in the set of the new Acquisition. New work, interspersed with the hits of the previous slides: it works. At a quarter to eleven there was already a moshpit formed to the dj booth. A moshpit? Yes, a moshpit.

“I want to be in clubs run where the girls are and where people come to dance and have fun’, told Netsky in an interview with Knack Focus about his music, and the private road that he has gone on, away from the ‘strict’ drum’n’ bass.

Dancing on crutches

No empty words, for it is danced there. By everyone. The young and the old. By overenthusiastic pogo’ers, but also by a young lady on crutches. ‘That’s dedication’, someone remarks admiringly on.

Is there not tonight: the cliché of the drum’n’ bass-puritein, the dark types with backpacks that all the time to the floor to dance.

Even for Netsky, a track on the dance floor release, eat the audience is already out of his hand. “I have the new numbers, however, extensively tested,” says Daenen. ‘Some of them have made their way already found, but this is a special evening because the album really is. I am glad that it is so.’

@netskyofficial bringing sexy back in Bazaar, Brussels #releasenight #netskyIII Photo @jefboes

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On the tour bus that the entire circus-from disco to disco, from town across town, there is cake. Because the course of Netsky is not yet at an end. Soon moves Boris Daenen, to LA, to the American public acquainted with his elusive mix of styles and influences.

Selfie with the fans

But first, the Tour of Flanders tonight finishing. To the Gent Decadance is the emergence of overwhelming. No one knows exactly how it as gone, but fans are on, slide them to the middle of the centre of ghent. “Is this the Netsky-effect?’, ask a girl with West-Vaamse accent herself, while they worry the distance to the input estimation.

Surrounded by photographers, cameras, security and people from the record company, delves Daenen a side entrance. What an entourage. ‘This is Kanye-style’ barrel of someone together.

But where Kanye himself like larger than necessary, remains Netsky friendly to fans, and he is going to be patient with them in the picture. “You are the best fans’, he talks to his audience between sets. And each time it seems to be really like he mean it. His music is aimed at the legs and the hips, but with this kind of open wipes scores he may likewise, at a Belgian audience, that likes artists without regions. Headlinen with their own live band is cool, but that Boris also makes time for a chat, or a selfie with the fans, since they keep the same amount of.

Hitsig and sweaty

And an extra advantage for tonight is that the festivalbeats of Boris Daenen, also in small clubs to their right. Since its passage on Pukkelpop think everyone with Netsky on a Main Stage and a setting sun, but his music remains hitsig enough for a tightly packed, sweaty mass.

Full House at Decadance, Gent #netskyIII #releasenight @netskyofficial Photo: @jefboes (Follow us on Snapchat: knackfocus )

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After a sweltering and scorching passage in Ghent, put the bus will eventually head to Antwerp, his home. For a reunion with a new army of enthusiastic, ‘best fans’. For the last part of this great trilogy.

Game. Set. Match.

Of the Belgian festivals does Netsky Live only Dour. On Laundry Day does Netsky is still a dj set. All the info:

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