From dirty hip hop to distorted noise: 5 bands that you should discover on Autumn Falls

Steven Thomassen, promoter, boekingsagentschap Toutpartout and co-organizer of Autumn Falls, recommends five acts that just for the highlights of your musical autumn could provide.

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Between 23 september and 23 december will once again Autumn Falls place, a festival that the Belgian clubs intervening with a well-considered mix of Belgian and international bands, established indie darlings to the smaller, but no less fierce fish. For Knack Focus select co-promoter Steven Thomassen of Toutpartout his personal favorites.

DIIV (26/10, De Kreun, Kortrijk)

“People call it often a hip strap, but they also have good numbers and that translates to good live shows,” says Thomases. Since the last full-length album, Is The Is Are shying away from DIIV is no longer the more difficult themes: frontman Zachary Cole Smith wrote part of the music during his stay in rehab.

Death Grips (31/10, AB, Brussels)

‘The dirtiest hip-hop of the time. The band’s drummer is Zach Hill, for me one of the best drummers around, ” says Steven Thomassen. The musical duo, formed by drummer Hill and MC Ride, announced in 2014 the end of their existence as a band, but eventually changed of opinion and spent the past two years at a high tempo new music. Their most recent musical roll, the album is an underworld Pit, was in the press with high ratings and a plethora of stars received.

Wall (11/11, Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium)

‘A huge loud band, that belongs in the same LA-posse as Ty Segall and Tea Oh Sees'”, says Thomassen. With three albums under their arm, these psychedelic rockers have enough material to make each piece clubgrond to do shake. At the American SXSW festival in 2015, the band released the sound engineer of service with the following message at the height of their decibel-policy: “We play very loud, and not in any other way. Required to provide us please do not hesitate to quieter play.’ Remove your earbuds all but over.

Girl Band (23/11, The Bos, Antwerp)

Contrary to what the name suggests, is Girl Band single male members who do not shrink from the rougher guitar work. “With their distorted noise, it promises a pretty intense live show to be,” predicts the Thomases. Radiohead’s Tom Yorke praised the Irish band recently during an interview with radio station BBC 1 and called them ‘the favorite music of him and his son.

Lubomyr Melnyk (12/12, Botanique, Brussels)

This pianist of Ukrainian origin, is known as a pioneer of Continuous Piano Music, a title that he has all the honor of visiting with compositions which, at a running time of ten minutes or longer afklokken. His fingers are moving at a dizzying speed over the piano keys. “He is ever the fastest pianist in the world’, says Thomassen. “I can confirm that, because I have him already a number of times the work is seen. Very nice.’

Autumn Falls runs from 23 september to 23 december and takes place at several venues in Belgium. All info:

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