Fresku strengthen ties with their loved ones and for personal album

Fresku was able, by means of his new album, The Deep end, that’s a lot of course, that changed when his son was chronically ill, was born, and to better communicate with your loved ones. In a conversation with he explains how the song’s ties with his or her loved ones are strengthened.

Even though Roy Reymound like Fresku actually, it is hot, usually songs are written about things he had forgotten, he was now in the middle of the process of writing, which is important for the expression of his feelings on his surroundings.

“The people who have me on there to know it, know it well, thanks to the album that I go through. They are able to for a long period of time, not to me, to pass through. This is because of the walls that I had built up. At the same time I was writing and was just listening to my emotions, it was as if I spoke to them.”

Also, he had a tough time after his son in the summer of 2018, with the chronically ill in the world. Also, he wanted to be in the first instance, as much as possible at home in your own nest”, but soon it crept over him, a feeling of helplessness.

“If I have any problems with money, I was able to work harder, and when I’m not home, I was able to do in order to change that, but if your son is ill, it turns out, is that there is nothing you can do about it. That idea went out of my ego to play with. I continued to perform my show to write off. I was on auto-pilot along for the flight.”

Fresku changed his musical course after you have a son in the summer of 2018, with the chronically ill in the world. (Photo: Segraphy)

“I’m not finished yet with the process

Six months later, we were hit by Fresku have got a lot more to it. “Because of the situation with my son, I felt a sudden, strong urge to go back to the base. I really wanted to be with my family in Curacao.” Also, he lived as a child after his parents ‘ divorce, seven years old, when his grandmother and aunts and uncles on the island.

“When I came back to the Netherlands and be reunited with my mother, I had subconsciously in my family for a little bit. Now it is the home of my grandma’s house is empty, because she is dead, as are most of the aunts and uncles. The family has been shattered and fallen apart. With the realization that they are no longer there, it was very emotional and I’m still not done with the process.”

It was for him to decide, In The Deep wisdom of his grandmother, on whose birthday the album has been released. In the song, Wela, is one of the ones that he has (some of) the Command of stepping up, going over to her.

“I don’t want to join in on the “viral” game

Without prior notice, and brought Fresku, last Friday, for the record. This was a conscious decision, ” he explained. “I know myself now, as well, that I am of the dangers of my own uncertainties to do. The more expectations there are, the more bewijsdrang to do it. I just wish the music itself to speak.”

In addition, he hoped to return to the very essence of the genre of hip-hop. “Even though the hiphopindustrie rising, is now less and less about the music and more about figures, clothing and the artists themselves, about each other have to say. It is a “viral” game. I don’t want to take part in it.”

Fresku is hoped that this releasestrategie listen to, encourages, the album is also really, as an album experience. “At a time that didn’t really look at albums about. If they are released, they are often collections of songs. There has been less focus on the finished product, because all the songs picks up, and they’re in a playlist, pleurt.”

It can be Fresku, ultimately, don’t care what the die-hard hiphopfans from his plate to find it. “I’ve been singing here and there, and that’s not all that common in hip-hop, but I don’t care if that’s not the real find. If there is one thing real is my emotions on this one. No shenanigans (basic ed.), no compromise.”

Looking to the future he will do for the moment. “I have got it all what I am today at the age of 33 this was stopped. I’m not a new insight, now, I am empty, everything you need is in the picture. As for my career, tomorrow it will stop, I do my best work.”


To listen Want to Be There For You by Fresku

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