‘Frequently sit especially dangerous for weak people”

‘Frequently sit especially dangerous for weak people”

Lack of exercise could be particularly dangerous for persons who already have health problems.

Earlier research showed that frequent sitting and little exercise could be bad for the health. In new research, published in CMAJ, is also taken into consideration the influence that little movement has on people with both a better, if poorer health.

This looked at the research team to the data of 3.141 adults who are 50 years or older. They did in 2003 or 2005 participated in a national U.s. health examination survey, including more activiteitstrackers wore. Was also looking at the extent to which they suffer at points from the so-called “frailty index” consisting of 46 diseases or gezondheidskwalen (including arthritis, dementia and type 2 diabetes). The subjects were to 2011 followed, or until their death.


It turned out that the people that are low on the index score (they suffer a 10 percent or less of the points listed in the index) no association was found between sitting (i.e. less than weekly 2.5-hour move), and a higher risk of early death.

This link is found in persons who are “vulnerable” (they have charge of 10 to 20 percent of the points) and “fragile” people (more than 20 percent). Almost 19 percent of the “vulnerable” group who are little moved died early, and this is true for 35 percent of the group that still more gezondheidskwalen. 4 percent of the group of people with relatively few health problems, and inadequate physical exercise died within the scope of the research, significantly less so in comparison with the less healthy people.

According to researcher Olga Theou would be doctors frequently have to emphasize to their patients that they have to move. “Even a simple walk through the house with a cane for people with poor health already to be of use.”

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