Frenkie de Jong, there will be no panic after a ‘small-scale’ club for the city

Frenkie de Jong look satisfied, but also, critically, back on the first couple of weeks in Barcelona, spain. The sides of the Orange is very happy that he is in, the basics stay the same, whether he comes to the realization that he was far from being the best the game has to show for it.

“I think it’s not bad at all, but some people seem to already be in a panic to get in,” says De Jong on Tuesday in sacramento, where he has an Orange party in the run-up to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS kwalificatieduels, Germany (on Friday), and Estonia (next Tuesday).

“I was just in Barcelona and have three games in basic, played on the board. As you can see, the players we have all around is that, for me, is a good starting point. But I also know that I will have to play better.”

The 22-year-old Young has played the past two matches with one of the two attacking midfielders, and while he was at Ajax-and-Orange is usually one of the two defensive midfielders were. Sergio Busquets will get from the club to the preferred controller.

The Young would have no problem with that, as he was for a long period of time as an attacking midfielder, has been drawn up. “My position at Barcelona, which is a little bit different. If I had to keep playing it, then I have to make sure that you are of great value for the team.”

Frenkie de Jong was the first scored by Barcelona in the base, but was unremarkable. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“I don’t be surprised if I’m on the couch, and ended up’

Barcelona had a bad competitiestart, with a defeat against Athletic Bilbao (1-0) and a victory at Real Betis (5-2) and a tie against Osasuna (2-2). De Jong has described his own play in that club as a “right”.

“Especially against a Captain came up and I have very little of the ball, there is a lot less than what I am used to. My grades are a man, and more to create indribbelen, and people will be gained between the lines. I have a lot more to show for it. However, I’m not in a panic, you know.”

“That is why I would not get it if I’m on the couch, it would end up. When big teams are playing, perhaps, but a few, all of the games. As with Lionel Messi at Barcelona, and at that level of wealth I have is not in right now. If, when the dual program begins with the European championships will rotate in. I don’t be surprised if I won’t be playing.”


Frenkie de Jong teaches stadionspeaker Barcelona, to name, to speak

The Young can huddle in Spanish for all to follow

Last week it was The Young, at a gala in Monaco, voted the best midfielder in Europe last season. His new team-mates at Barcelona will see him right away as a full-fledged team member.

“All the players are very helpful and try to help me. It does help with the customization. I feel good in Spain,” he said.

Getting used to a new environment goes smoothly. The team, in the Spanish language, they can decide whether to follow it. “They have to eat a bit later, and it’s a little warmer than in the uk, but I think it’s pretty good, of course.”

“We should not make it larger than it actually is. It’s going to be the football is the same everywhere. Of course, the style of play and level of competition, and what else, I’ve got to be more to get used to the culture.”

Position in the group C of european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifications

  • 1. The North Of Ireland, Between 4 And 12 (+5)
  • 2. Germany, 3-9 (+11)
  • 3. The netherlands is 2-3 (+3)
  • 4. – Estonia 3-0 (-11)
  • 5. Belarus 4-0 (-8)

“We belong to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to be

With the increased expectations associated with its long-standing status as to realize The image. He talked to Orange about This Is that, after his departure at Ajax, a lot of the criticism had to endure in his first race for The serie a champions.

“And then you will hear what it was like for him, and then you can take each situation as a comparison. This, of course, has more than enough qualities in order to succeed,” says De Jong. “He is still young and is already the basis for a top club.”

As well as at the club level, fans will expect, the atmosphere in and around the Orange has changed. “Just a year ago, I was standing in front of the first base, and we lost to France. However, everyone was in after the positive,” said the ex-following his departure to chelsea.

“Now, there’s still a lot more to it and that, of course, is a good thing. That’s what we did when the Dutch national football team should be like. We belong to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and will try for the next few matches to win it.”

Germany vs. Netherlands will begin on Friday, at 20.45 hours, at the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg, germany, and on Tuesday will play the Orange at 20: 45, and against Russia. The Netherlands is not among the top two in the group ends up, it will be in the play-offs for a second chance at the european CHAMPIONSHIP of 2020.

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