French public life is shut down due to strike action against pension reforms

It’s a French train, metro, and the airport is on Thursday, largely flat due to a national strike against the president and Emmanuel Macron, announced reforms. Also, most of the schools are closed, reports news agency AFP.

About 90 per cent of the high-speed rail does not. Due to the cessation of driving international trains of the Thalys, like Eurostar, with a personalized service. Thalys train ride from Amsterdam to Paris will be cancelled. Passengers are accordingly advised, says a spokesman.

In Paris, lie eleven of the sixteen lines of the metro to a complete stop. In addition to two automated lines are in use. The rest of the lines are only a short journey during the rush hour.

The airline, Air France will be 30 per cent less for domestic flights and 15 percent for short international flights, because some of the air-traffic controllers joining the strike action. The British budgetmaatschappij easyJet has 223 domestic and international flights are cancelled.

Due to the strike in public transport, many of the workers on Thursday at home. Those that do go to work, deal Thursday, forced into the car, a bike, a scooter or a motorcycle. Because of this, it can take on many French roads are much more crowded than normal.

The strikes in France against pension reforms

In Paris, will be showcased at the forthcoming pension reforms.
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The wi-fi is free and the airport is on Thursday, largely flat.
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The unions argue that the proposed reforms to workers ‘ is going to be until after the statutory retirement age of 62 to continue to operate.
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Macron wants to “universal” system, enter

A lot of fans are unhappy now, Macron’s plans for a “universal” pension system, want. This would allow 42 of the special plans, in sectors ranging from the railways to the legal profession, and the opera will be discontinued. These workers often receive relatively high pensions and be allowed to take an early retirement. Macron wants to take in their pensions cut in order to save money.

The unions argue that the proposed reforms, employees are going to be until after the statutory retirement age of 62 to continue to operate as they have in the pension, to receive that they promised.

What Macron have ideas and like to do, we are not yet fully understood. The government will have the full schedule on the 12th of december, the cloth, do so.

Hundreds of demonstrations are announced

Because of the plans, and find out Thursday, hundreds of people demonstrated throughout the country. According to the French prime minister, Christophe Castaner, from the Interior, there are 245 of the demonstrations will be announced, including two in Paris, france.

In the French capital Thursday, six police officers being deployed to the riot to prevent it.

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