French president Hollande warns against nationalism

French president Hollande warns against nationalism

Photo: AFP

François Hollande has in his last oudejaarsrede as president of France warned against the emerging nationalism.

“There are periods in history in which everything dramatically can change. We are in such a period,” said Hollande. “How can we take our country proposals, curled up behind walls, was reduced to the single market, returning to its national currency and, on top of it, distinction making between his own children on the basis of their origin?”

Without Marine Le Pen and the National Front direct, punctual Hollande the decision of the British voters for the European Union to leave and the election victory of Donald Trump in the United States as well as events that show that democracy, freedom and peace is “fragile and reversible”.

Donald Trump

Le Pen dismissed the criticism of Hollande. “Who of isolation talks about a project that is right in the flow of the history fits, after brexit and the election of Donald Trump, clearly has nothing understood of the evolution of the world and the deeper aspirations of the people.”

President François Hollande of France are traveling Monday to Iraq for a salute to the French soldiers who are there in an international coalition fighting against the group Islamic State. That he has Saturday said in a eindejaarsboodschap

“We are still not done with the scourge of terrorism. We need to keep fighting against that,” said Hollande. “That is the reason for our military operations abroad, in Mali, in Syria, in Iraq.”

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