French police have used tear gas and water cannon at the anniversary of ‘Yellow-Shirts’

French police on Saturday used tear gas and water cannons used against the supporters of the “Yellow Shirts” during demonstrations, and in honor of their one year anniversary in Paris, france.

At the Place d’italie in the south of Paris Friday morning, a group of black-clad protesters have gathered, and a branch of the bank HSBC, were plastered. Also, recycle bins, cars and a scooter on fire.

The police of Paris has, to date, 124 are brought to the office for questioning, and 78 are fixed. Earlier in the day, when the police, several hundred protesters to the ring, from Paris, would be occupied. It can’t be demonstrated to be in the tourist hot spots such as the eiffel tower, and twenty-two stations have been on Saturday as a precaution, the entire day will be closed.

In other parts of the country, were a series of demonstrations, including in the city of Toulouse and Dijon.

A year is a long time ‘Yellow-Shirts’

The demonstrations are being led by the so-called Yellow Shirts, a director who this weekend is exactly a year ago, as a result of the brandstofstijgingen, and the high cost of living in France. Later on, the ‘Yellow Shirts’ as a general protest against the reform policies of the government and the president of france, Emmanuel Macron.

At the peak were about 300,000 people participated in the protest. Because of the massive protests, president Macron in some parts of the reform policy to be deleted, including its pension, retirement and werkeloosheidsplannen.

The protest movement was the connection, in other countries, including the Netherlands went up last year, hundreds of people take to the streets to protest against the government. In may, a number of representatives of the Netherlands ‘Yellow Shirts’ will be invited to the Tower to talk to Mark Rutte in the netherlands.

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