French police arrest dozens of ‘Yellow Vests’ around Paris

The French police Saturday morning during preventive checks in and around Paris, around noon, 72 ‘Yellow Shirts’ were arrested. Last week, around that time there were already more than five hundred. At a road block near the Belgian border was a driver in a car to life.

It is the fifth Saturday in a row that France is demonstrated. According to the French tv channel BFMTV, the atmosphere in Paris Saturday quieter than last week, when a proposition is accompanied with violence.

In Paris watch Saturday about eight thousand officers about the safety. There are also fourteen armoured vehicles deployed. The metropolitan police fears that the violent rioters back at the marchers will join. In the whole of France, 69.000 agents are deployed, the opposite 89.000 a week ago. Last week, more than seventeen hundred people were arrested.

People in France are protesting for more than a month in the yellow vests out of dissatisfaction with the policies of president Emmanuel Macron. It is unclear how far the protests this time will be. Macron is his angry compatriots already met. He promised, inter alia, an increase in the minimum wage.

Multiple protests are out of hand. A motorist came Friday to life came when he joined a blockade of the ‘Yellow Shirts’ on the back of a truck and drove to the Belgian town of Erquelinnes, close to the French border.

The protesters had the roadblock set up along the border, making a long row of trucks stopped. The motorist drove into the rear truck. It is the seventh person who comes to life in a demonstration of the ‘Yellow Vests’.


Paris prepares for new protestdag ‘Yellow Vests’

Government called earlier on not to demonstrate

Thursday asked the French government ‘Yellow Shirts’ protest in connection with the deadly attack on the christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg. At the time, was the search for the shooter is still going on, but in the meantime, the suspect killed by the police.

The French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire called for the protests, rather, a disaster for the French economy. As continued to a lot of shops in Paris as a precaution, close and there were less tourists to France.

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