French newspaper puts statement Kim Kardashian after robbery

French newspaper puts statement Kim Kardashian after robbery

A part of the police report about the violent raid on Kim Kardashian has been leaked. The French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche Sunday from the first declaration of the American realityster shortly after the robbery published.

In that statement, she explained how she was tied up and what jewelry all gone.

Kardashian (36) made her statement a few hours after the robbery. As already became clear, stormed masked men her at the beginning of October in her apartment in Paris. One of the robbers asked her for her ring. Initially loved Kardashian is of the stupid, but when there is a gun pointed at her was showed them the ring.

Then it was the realityster her other jewellery and money show, before, on the bed, her arms and legs were tied and her mouth was closed taped. Dressed in only a bathrobe, she was then to her bathroom again where she is in the bath tub was placed.


Roofovervallers Kim Kardashian in the picture

Expensive jewelry

In Kardashians sieradenbox were two diamond bracelets by Cartier, a gold and diamond necklace from Jacob, diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz and a gold Rolex. “I’m sure five million dollars worth of jewelry lost,” says Kardashian in the statement.

The realityster told the police that the thieves are probably not professionals were, given the way they have her bound. Finally, she declares an indictment in wanting to serve and return as soon as possible to America to want to fly.

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