French government asks ‘Yellow Shirts’ because of attack not to protest

The French government asks the ‘Yellow Vests’ Saturday, not to protest. The call is made because of the deadly attack in Strasbourg earlier this week. Thursday the death toll from that attack rose to three.

In short

  • French government asks ‘Yellow Bibs’ not to protest after attack
  • Authorities are still looking for a suspect of the attack in Strasbourg
  • Death toll from shooting on christmas market rose to three

The ‘Yellow Shirts’ are allowed to protest, stressed government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux in a broadcast of C News, but he contends that their complaints are heard and answered by the government, a number of requirements are met.

Griveaux mentions the request of the government, “reasonable” and calls people “responsible” to act after the attack in Strasbourg, a city in the northeast of France. In addition to a great search for the culprit, is since extra security on the streets and at the borders.

The spokesman points out that the enforcement and security services because of the protests in the past period, mass are used. According to him, it is better if the ‘Yellow Shirts’ to stay at home, so that the services will not be again, massively, to pluck up because of the protests.

‘Yellow Shirts’ protest for weeks

The ‘Yellow Shirts’ protest for about five weeks in France. In the first instance, were the protests directed against the increase of tax on fuel, but in the meantime, the focus shifted to the policy of the government of president Emmanuel Macron.

Several protests in the recent weeks out of hand. Especially on Saturdays, the weekly highlights of the demonstrations, were a lot of ‘Yellow Vests’ were arrested and there were injuries. Also were more cars and retail damaged.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday is a sixth person by a demonstration of ‘Yellow Vests’ to the life to come. This 23-year-old person was in Avignon hit by a truck. The 26-year-old driver has been detained by the police.

[#AppelàTémoins] La #Police judiciaire recherche l’individual suspecté d’être le tireur du marché de Noël #Strasbourg. #AidezNous
⚠ Attention, individual dangereux, n’intervenez pas vous-même.
📞 E n le 197 –

AvatarAuteurPoliceNationaleMoment of plaatsen18:21 – december 12, 2018

Man opens fire at a christmas market

The call of the French government, after the attack in Strasbourg Tuesday night, in which visitors of the christmas market were shot. The death toll of the attack on Thursday rose to three, after one of the injured has succumbed to injuries.

After the shooting, the shooter himself is wounded by a confrontation with the police. He is to escape. The French authorities are Thursday, still massively looking for the shooter. They think that it is to the 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt.

People who have information about the man, the authorities are requested to contact. It is further advised to be careful to do. “Dangerous person, grab yourself not in”, stands in the opsporingsbericht.

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