French Court wants sexual charges against Tariq Ramadan, do not destroy

The French Court of Justice on Thursday decided that the charges of sexual abuse against the controversial islamdeskundige Tariq Ramadan is repealed.

French media report that the Court in Paris the request by the scientist in order to close the case “premature”. Previously decided in a lower court.

The 56-year-old Ramadan had asked, after he previous year nine months in pre-trial detention has been due to the complaints of two women. In november he came to parole, but he remained suspect in the case.

Ramadan, which, inter alia, in Rotterdam, has worked, denies that he has been guilty of abuse. He has admitted sexual contacts with the women to have had, but there was, according to him, no compulsion to look.

The Egyptian-Swiss scientist suffers from multiple sclerosis and was detained in a French gevangenisziekenhuis. He had already several times in vain requested to be on bail, be released.

The release was accompanied by strict conditions

The release was accompanied by strict conditions. He had 300,000 euros to pay a deposit and passport to hand and make a weekly report to the police. Also, he’s allowed the country not to leave.

Ramadan previously worked as integratieadviseur for the municipality of Rotterdam. He was also a guest lecturer at the Erasmus University. He taught until recently at Oxford University, but after the allegations made by the university to non-active.

Ramadan hit in 2009 discredited in Rotterdam

Ramadan hit in 2009 in speech. Both the municipality of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University stopped the cooperation with Ramadan, after it had become clear that he has a weekly tv program made by the Iranian government-funded channel Press TV.

In that islamic country was at that time unsettled, because demonstrations of students with a hard hand were precipitated by the regime. At Erasmus University, there are a lot of Iranian students.

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