‘Freedom or Death’ gun-rights rally draws counter-protesters, forcing the police to keep the peace

A man who protested the Patriot Prayer, and other groups to support gun rights is treated for an injury during a rally and counter-protest in Seattle, Aug. 18, 2018.

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A demonstration in support of the Second Amendment gun rights drew left-wing counter-protesters Saturday in Seattle, making dozens of police kept the two sides separated from each other.

Right wing, left wing protesters face off in Seattle

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Conservative groups Washington 3 Percenters and Patriot Prayer held their “Freedom or Death” rally outside Seattle City Hall, to oppose a city’s gun-control initiative, while a group of left-wing organizations rally in the neighborhood.

The left-radicals — including the members of the Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist y — screamed and used cow bells and sirens in an attempt to drown out the speeches from the other side.

Proponents of the Second Amendment gun rights during the playback of a recording of the national anthem outside the town Hall in Seattle, Aug. 18, 2018.

(Associated Press)

The one person on the gun-rights side, with a Donald Trump hat, was treated for an injury at the scene. A police spokesman told the Seattle Times that the total of the three men were arrested for a felony assault.

If the voltage is increased, additional police arrived, including a number of riot gear. Bicycle officers lined their bikes as a form of moving barrier to keep protesters from entering the street.

The gun-control initiative expanding background checks, increasing the age limit for the people who buy semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, and the creation of standards for the safe storage of firearms.

On Friday a judge threw the 300,000 signatures necessary for the initiative for the November ballot on the grounds that it did not meet the election law requirements. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the group behind the proposal, has appealed against the motion.

Saturday’s protest came two weeks after police in riot gear in Portland, oregon, tried to right-wing and left-wing groups from each other. The effort is mostly successful, but the police were accused of heavy-handed, that the city’s new chief of police for a review of the officers’ use of force.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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