Franssen wins the battle for the bronze, and gives judoploeg first world CHAMPIONSHIP medal

Juul Franssen of the Netherlands judoploeg on Wednesday, the first medal was sent to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Japan. She was in a class of up to 63 kilograms in the battle for the bronze to be too strong for compatriot Sanne Vermeer.

The 29-year-old Franssen know in the lead with a waza-ari score against the eight-year-younger ex-world champion in the junior league. That is the score she crosses the finish line to pull out.

Where are Vermeer’s the re-sits had to be places, however Franssen in the semi-final showdown. It was the French, the defending champion Clarisse Agbegnenou is much too strong for her. Who won the finals of a fourth world title.

The Vermeer came up in the re-sits, rightly, after that they are in the quarter-finals and lost by Miku Tashiro of Japan. They have won at the ippon (two waza-ari’s Gankhaich Accessible from hong kong.

Franssen, and j. Vermeer, are in a battle for a ticket to the Olympic Games, and since there is only one Dutch judoka per weight category are allowed to be delegated. It will be available next year in the same hall gejudood.

I have Vermeer and stronger, using re-sits to in the battle for bronze. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Vermeer, thanks ippons to the quarter-finals

Franssen was the tournament started with a victory in the second round by the Brazilian, Ketley Quadros. That she was on her back. In the third round, she was followed by the Chinese ‘ Tang Jing.

In the quarter-finals, they had a waza-ari was enough to Martyna Trajdos of Germany, which Agbenenou a bit too far. Franssen did not have the strong French player to win it. She was now in a grip go, and then they’re on the waza-ari is interested in new ideas.

Vermeer went on to the quarter-finals correct as against the later finalist Tashiro, after they have previously been to ippon by Kiyomi Watanabe of Philippines, and the Australian Katharina Haecker had won the game.

Medaillekandidaat The White set is disappointing

Frank White, the number three in the world, in Tokyo, as one of the important medaillekandidaat for the Dutch team, but he as frequently disappointed at a major tournament.

He was in the second round of the class up to 81 kilograms, is not able to cope with Medickson del Orbe Cortorreal the United states of america.

The 23-year-old White did not have a score down in the Dominican, which he last year has also been one challenge in the world cup. With two seconds to go to put Del Orbe Cortorreal the Dutchman on his back.

White, who has a bye in the first round, and lost to last year in Baku, azerbaijan also at the first attempt. Earlier this year, he went to work for a European to Play in The up to the quarter-finals. He was also in the re-sits down.

Frank White went in the second round, too. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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