Frans Hals in the hall, under the scan

Frans Hals in the hall, under the scan

The painting therefore originally The Lean Company, that Frans Hals in 1637 and partly painted, in a gallery in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam examined with the help of the Technical University of Delft.

Big question is, who, exactly what painted, because the Neck began, or to, but it was finished by Pieter Codde. The cloth is therefore millimetre is investigated with a macroröntgenfluorescentie-scan, 25 days and nights and thus even if there audience is.

After the Lean Company will from February 20, Neck’ five large schuttersstukken in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem to be scanned. Ann Demeester, director, Frans Hals Museum/De Hallen Haarlem is called the investigation of the oeuvre of the Neck a priority. “The unique collaboration with the Rijksmuseum in amsterdam and TU Delft is an exceptional opportunity for the two museums to the ‘hand Neck’ – to examine.”

Macroröntgenfluorescentie analyses the various chemical elements in the paint. This gives information about the steps in the creation process of the painting and the division of labour between the two painters, as it is expected.

Curators and researchers will be a couple of times a week to give an explanation to the public in the State about the investigation of The Lean Company. Taco Dibbits, director of Rijksmuseum, is “extremely curious” to the results. “This innovative technical research gives more of a peek into the kitchen of the artist.”

Frans Hals made The grim Company, not because he has it on the stick, had with the gunmen. After he is in any case the seven figures on the left had been immortalized, he decided to stop working.

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