Frank van der Lende is the image of the natural flierefluiter ‘cool’

Radio dj, Frank van der Lende is the image of the natural flierefluiter at him with sticks. It is, rather, the point is that his radio show is spontaneous, ” explains the Dutch radio station 3FM-dj is in a conversation with the Beau Monde.

“I’ve got the image of a natural flierefluiter which is at 17.55 hours, the studio comes in, in three hours and a lot of jokes and back to go away,” said the 31-year-old Van der Lende. “I think that’s great, because it also needs to feel as if I was on the spot to think of. But, of course, that is not the case.”

“I am in my work, a perfectionist, and direct things like, the radio dj and his way of working out. “Before I think about what I’m going to tell you how I got that story build-up, which of the boards I’m on. There is plenty of scope for improvisation, but I think I would put on the brakes sometimes get a little bit more, let’s celebrate. Right twists and turns to deliver great radio.”

Of the of the Various presents on the Dutch radio station 3FM in the evening in The company of of Of of of Different. In 2014, it was the radio dj, the programme has been nominated for the Marconi Award for up-and-coming radiotalent.

799Frank van der Lende in the car and on the situation on the Dutch radio station 3FM

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