Frank Masmeijer refuses to cooperate on cross-examination

Frank Masmeijer, that Thursday when the court of appeal in Antwerp would be questioned, the court, after ten minutes to leave. The ex-presenter, who is suspected of drug trafficking, refused questions about himself to answer.

This is evident from reports from various members of the audience. “I have a honest and sincere way, my story”, quotes RTL-reporter Jermaine Ellenkamp Masmeijer on Twitter. “I would like to leave please. I will try to questions to answer.”

“This is no examination of witnesses”, let counsel Vincke then know. “The lord Masmeijer wish not to explain. This close we are role today.”

In a statement denounces Masmeijer the press, where last week a photo appeared of his abuse. He calls the “dehumanizing” that these images have come to light.

The former presenter only wanted to answer questions about others, not about himself, and would not declare than during the previous session. If suspicious, he is to do this also is not mandatory. There was a four hour scheduled for the hearing.

Masmeijer gave in the appeal to role playing

The reason for the cross-examination, which Masmeijer mandatory required to be present, is the sudden confession that Masmeijer two weeks ago denied during the plea in his own criminal case.

Masmeijer told that he was certain “a certain decision” has him in the mess. To say that he was a mediator between clients and practitioners.

The fellow suspects are still on the run. Their lawyers were present in the courtroom.

The court sentenced the cases, showman last year to eight years in prison, because he tried to 467 kilos of cocaine from the port of Antwerp to smuggle. During the appeal, he admitted that a “very limited” role as a mediator.

Masmeijer insists he has nothing earned to the cokesmokkel and barely knew about it. His lawyer asked for a milder punishment.

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