Frank Masmeijer on appeal, was sentenced to 9 years in prison for cokedeal

Frank Masmeijer’s Thursday afternoon, the court of appeal of Antwerp convicted and sentenced to an imprisonment of nine-year-old for involvement in a cocaïnedeal.

Also, given the 57-year-old ex-presenter of a fine of 90,000 euros. Masmeijer was not present at the time.

Masmeijer has been ordered by a court to a term of imprisonment of up to eight years. In the appeal, it’s been eight years for him to be claimed. The range of threats that Masmeijer has been raised, and have played a role in the more severe sentence he has received. Furthermore, he is a different person from the drugszaak of 32,000 euro accounts have been made.

Masmeijer might have been a punishment has actually been previously, but the decision was postponed. The last time this happened because of the development of the judgment, according to a spokesman for the court of appeal takes a long time.

Masmeijer said last year a “limited role” to play in cokedeal

The former showmaster known for a long time, and that he has something to do with the cocaïnedeal to do with it, but told me at the end of last year and all of a sudden a “limited role” to play in an attempt to make the smuggling of 467 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia, which was carried in the bananendozen through the port of Antwerp, belgium).

Masmeijer’s been down for a while in the Belgian, Beveren (belgium). Previously, he was in Antwerp, but it was moved because the pictures were leaked of him in prison.

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