Frank Masmeijer mentions confession in cokezaak ‘fake news’

Frank Masmeijer mentions confession in cokezaak ‘fake news’

Frank Masmeijer has never known that he has been involved in the importation of 467 kilos of cocaine. “That I have known, is fake news.”

“Media have unquestioningly taken over”, says the ex-presenter in the AD. He is suspected of importing cocaine from Colombia. In October 2014, he was arrested in Antwerp.

The 55-year-old Masmeijer, in Belgium, several outlets ran it, says that he had a number of people out of the file knows. “The only thing is that I have a couple of people in my case with each other. They were acquaintances, which in my case came. To a cousin of my wife. That at a certain moment, very strange going to do. Out of fear they are going to disclaim. They come to me.”

The ex-presenter was ten months in custody. Two weeks ago, it was seven years in prison against him demanded. “I will not innocent were to be hear”, thinks Masmeijer. “That really won’t happen. There is seven years is required, then a judge will not say: go away.”

Or he may appeal, let Masmeijer over to his lawyer. “I know guys who at my were in jail, who got two years and on appeal to four years.”

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