Frank Lammers: ‘New-Netflix-movie kerstklassieker be

Frank, Lammers, and Birgit Schuurman talk, along with Henry van Loon, the film is the first animated movie from Netflix in there. He has, according to Lammers, and Schuurman, the potential of a place to get in between the kerstklassiekers, such as The Grinch, and Home Alone.

“Everybody looks at each and every end of the world. It is a new feature, which is not a sugar, it is, in my opinion, very welcome and appreciated. A movie with a raw edge to it,” says Lammers, in a conversation with Schuurman: “The story and the illustrations are beautiful and timeless, and I think it’s very much a classic car can be.”

In The little boy’s Lammers to hear from the man who will later become santa Claus. The film tells the story of how the tradition of writing letters to Santa, once it is started. Wage talks in the voice of a delivery man in the village, where santa Claus lives, Schuurman, the voice of the teacher.

The recording of a voice in an animated movie takes a whole different set of challenges than a self-acting for the camera: “you’re an a lot more limited. Schuurman: “generally, you can think of: that my character should be here, and to respond to, but here it is, everything has already been decided. I do think that she is evil, but it has been so signed, and that she was happy, because I have to have a way to find out. It is about each and every detail is thought of, which makes it a very different kind of challenge, but it’s a lot of fun.”

“The work is more or less done for you. The American actor J. K. Simmons, ed.). has it been his imagination is already on the system. You can’t do a lot else you can do, except try to be even better. It is most frustrating when it is to say that Dutch sounds very different. You can get a sense, almost literally, translated, because that is where that figure is only an ‘r’ to do is, say we have an “e”. Fortunately, they now have some Polish in the animation, so that the difference is less pronounced, it is, but it used to be you had to go, sometimes twenty times in a sentence to say. Did you argue with such a figure, it can’t be done,” says Lammers.


Frank Lammers, speaking as a Ferry, He is the voice of The little boy in the

Christmas, on the 15th of november

From Netflix-starting Christmas early this year because of the film’s Friday-to see it. In the Lammers and the house of Schuurman late to the party just to be seen. Lammers: “I think it starts Christmas in October, if I get the images from the Jumbo-kerstreclames, but it is too early for me. Christmas is, for me, the memory of my mother, who was a rabbit was, but she was no longer there. Now, we’re going to celebrate Christmas on the island of Terschelling.”

Schuurman: “You can do it from October all the christmas stuff to buy. I’m having a ball, bought for my son. However, the christmas tree is set up, it takes a while to get here. The film, however, should always be with the cold weather, it’s nice to have a little bit of the atmosphere of the situation?”


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