Frank Boeijen find own number on funerals to hear ‘weird’

Frank Boeijen find own number on funerals to hear ‘weird’

Frank Boeijen had never expected that his number Tell me that it is not a life of their own would lead. “You make something in five minutes, and thirty years later, people another.”

“On the last three funerals where I was, was that number turned up. The whole place crying. Yes, where should you look? That is very strange,” said Sinatra in conversation with the VARAgids.

The musician wrote the song when he heard that someone he knew would come to death. “I have a lot of sisters who nurse, and I spoke with one of them about what the doctors had said. ‘Forget it’, said my sister. I knew then that that person would die, but I was actually the only one. Immediately after that conversation, I have that song written.”

The number wrote Sinatra and, ultimately, in five minutes, after which he never changed. “But I had no idea of the power of that song. (…) ‘Tell me that it is not” would a Dutchman never say, in English you say: ‘Tell me that it isn’t so.’ We were then a plate on it with all the heavy rock songs. When I came up with this song. “What have we here?’, said the band. We have the with the Metropole Orchestra recorded in an hour.”

Not afraid

Sinatra himself is not afraid of death, but he finds it a bit strange and not to understand the phenomenon. “It is a bit like being at a fun party, an annoying someone on the shoulder tap and say: ‘Come on, let’s go.’ While you do not jump in!”

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