France will stop with the pay of homeopathy by medical insurance

The French government is in homeopathy does not any longer reimbursed by medical insurance companies. Starting in 2021, should the French treatment by alternative method of treatment to completely pay for it.

It is currently insured in France, 30 per cent of the cost of homeopathic treatments to recover from their insurance company. The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, that percentage next year to be cut in half to 15 percent and on two-year debt.

Buzyn, who is a former medical doctor, is based on a June report published by the Haute Autorité de Santé, an independent national authority in the field of health care in France.

In the report, it was concluded that homeopathy has not been proven to effect, and, therefore, do not qualify would be allowed to be publicly funded too. In recent years, the cost to reimburse homeopathic treatment by the French government for about 125 million euros.

France, following the decision by the example of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, denmark, and Austria. In the Netherlands, you will still be able to arrange cover for homeopathic treatment, even if it’s not in the package.

In homeopathy highly diluted substances, if the drug is used for symptoms to resolve. The operation of the alternative system of medicine, it is scientifically never been proven. Therefore, it is the pseudosciences are expected.

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