France is rocked by the surgeon, which may be 250 children are abused

France is rocked by the surgeon, which may be 250 children are abused

France has been under the spell of the possible, the biggest pedofilieschandaal in the history of the country. A French surgeon, has spent the past thirty years to 250 children are being abused while he worked at a number of hospitals. He’s been around since the mid-2017 and for the abuse of four children, however, the French judiciary, it seems that only the size of the misbruikzaak in the picture.

Agents now have 209 of the 250 potential victims is questioned. All 184 of them will have a complaint filed against the defendant.

The surgeon would be in the period of 1989 up to and including 2017, his victims have been made. The next year he has to appear before the judge.

Defendant described the abuse of children in the notebooks

In the meantime, a 68-year-old man would be in his or her career, in multiple hospitals across the country are working on. He put his misbruikschandalen in detail, in notebooks, that agents at his home in the room. Self-certified they are case-insensitive strings, and drawings, “fantasies”, are described.

However, it took the agents more than two hundred, the names of the children. The police and the judiciary have the following is a list of the names of the patients, which may be due to him abusing his.

In 2005, the surgeon, was also convicted and sentenced, it was for the possession of child pornography. The new case came to light when one of the girls revealed that the doctor and his private parts had been allowed to see, the newspaper Le Parisien. After that, he would have her gang-raped.


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