France bans plastic plates and cup

Our neighbours have proposed all plastic plates and cups to ban by 2020. Also various other plastic products come on a black list.

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France showed himself already a leader in the field of anti-afvalmaatregelen (such as the obligation for supermarkets to unsold surpluses way to donate instead of throw them away). A few days ago was also announced that several products that plastic contain prohibited will be, depending on the product, by 2018 or 2020.

After 2020 you will anywhere in France have plastic plates, cutlery and cups can get, just like plastic cotton buds. For cosmetic scrubs with plastic particles is the deadline even earlier: that would, by 2018, from the shelves disappeared.

Reusable plastic cups and disposable products that are made from biodegradable materials continue to be admitted. They should just compost on the compost heap at home. That may sound good, but Bond beter Leefmilieu is not entirely enthusiastic about the measure of exception: “Or a plastic plate now compostable or not, doesn’t matter at all when it’s in the sea ends up. It is just as harmful.”

And yet can the future prohibition be considered as an important signal, because plastic is a bigger threat to the planet than climate change. We wait in any case another on a Belgian ban on plastic bags.

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