Fracking can taint drinking water, EPA report finds


WASHINGTON – Fracking can affect drinking water supplies in certain circumstances, the Obama administration said in a long-awaited report issued on Tuesday, leaving open the possibility of a more extensive effects that says it can’t be determined with the current data.

The report, written by the Environmental Protection Agency scientists, including findings that are more open than those in a draft version from last year, when the agency said fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the lack of “widespread, systematic effects on the drinking water.”

The final report is not yet of that term, because the EPA scientists determined they could not back up without extensive data on hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. and because it is not “really communicate the findings in the report,” said Thomas Burke,deputy assistant administrator of EPA on a conference call with reporters Tuesday.

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The report is one of a number of the activities that can be supported by the environmentalists that the Obama administration has taken in her last weeks in office, including the denial of a permit for a portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In the draft report on fracking, the EPA said that the cases of contamination of the found “were small compared with the large number of” fracked wells in the country. The latest report also says more generally that the agency has scientific evidence that fracking activities, “the impact of drinking water sources under certain circumstances.” When asked, Mr. Burke did it again the report of the previous findings that the EPA found that only a small number of cases of contamination, but pointed to the lack of data.

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