Fox News poll: women, GOP frequency to help soft, a Democrat in Arizona Senate race

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is slightly ahead of Republican Martha McSally in Arizona’s Senate race, according to a Fox News poll.

Women voters along with crossover Republicans and put a Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, just ahead of Republican Martha McSally in Arizona’s Senate race.

Sinema is up three percentage points over McSally (47-44 percent), according to a Fox News survey of Arizona likely voters. Sinema advantage is within the poll margin of sampling error.

The candidates hope to fill the vacant place of the retiring Republican sen. Jeff Flake.


Sinema best McSally by 15 points among women. She is also in the run-up wide margins among voters under 45 years of age (+19) and non-white (+32).

Meanwhile, 91 percent of Democrats back, Sinema, compared to 82 percent of the Republican McSally. Around 12 percent of Republicans cross party lines and support Sinema.

Sinema liked better than McSally. It is considered to be more positive than negative to 17 points (52 percent favorable vs. 35% unfavorable), while McSally net favorability rating of 4 (47-43 percent).

Interest and certainty are also on the Democrat side, with 77 percent of the Sinema-the men behind feel secure, they vote for her and 48 percent are very interested in the election. For McSally, 70 per cent are not sure, and 43 percent are very interested.

Overall, about a quarter of voters (24 percent) say they might change their minds before the vote.

Health-care (30 percent) is the top issue for Arizona likely voters, and those voters back to Sinema by 45 points. Immigration is the second concern, increased by 27 percent, and immigration, the voters go for McSally of 56.

President Trump won Arizona by nearly four points. Today, opinions about him are divided: 49 percent approve and reject, he is doing the work.

To say, by a 30-21 percent margin, more, your financial situation better compared to two years ago-but almost half say it has not changed (48 percent).

Almost as many say that their voice in the Senate race is intended to Express support for Trump (31%) as an explicit contradiction (33 percent). For 31 percent, he is not a factor.

In the Governor’s race, Republican incumbent Doug Ducey (51 percent) has an 11-point lead over Democrat David Garcia (40 percent).

Eighteen percent of the Sinema-trailer, plan to distribute the ticket and back Ducey, the Republican for Governor.

The Fox News poll is conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R). The poll was conducted September 8-11, 2018, by telephone (landline and cell phone) with live interviewers among 710 Arizona likely voters and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. Voters were selected randomly from a nationwide voter file and respondents answered the screening questions on the likelihood of voting in the elections in November.

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