Fox News poll: record of the approval of trump on the economy, optimism in regards to N. Korea

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Trump: I’m very well prepared ” for North Korea summit

The President commented on his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-Un during an Oval Office meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

President Trump the entire job rating holds steady, supported by a record number of approval of his handling of the economy. A Fox News poll released on Thursday finds that most like the meeting with North Korea.

Forty-five percent of voters approve of the President’s performance while 51 percent disapprove. It 44-53 percent in April. Trump is the highest level of agreement, 48 percent, came in February 2017, soon after the inauguration.


While more voters “strongly disagree” (41 percent) than “approve strongly” (27 percent), that 14-point intensity gap is down from a high of 24 points in October 2017.

The President receives net negative ratings for his handling of the immigration (43 percent approve vs. 52 percent disapprove), foreign policy (42-49), and international trade (41-49).

A strong labour market report published on 1. In June, the United States showed a seasonally adjusted 3.8 percent unemployment rate. The President seems to have some recognition for this. His handling of the economy brings its most positive job reviews, a Board approve, 52 percent, while 41 percent oppose it.

There was a bump in economic optimism as a trump first took office: the number feeling optimistic went from 49% (January 2016) to 66 percent (January 2017). Today it sits at 59 percent. Since its inauguration, the optimism is up to 19 percentage points among Republicans, by 31 points among Democrats, and holds stable among independents.

Optimism rises on North Korea, as more voters are thinking now, it might be, to give convinced that its nuclear weapons. Twenty-eight percent feel this way, up 12 points from 16 per cent three months ago (March 2018). Still a majority, 60 percent, says North Korea won ‘ T let go of its nukes.

By a narrow margin, voters think the war with North Korea is less likely than it was two years ago (33 percent less likely, and a further 28 percent more likely, 35 percent is the same), and most approve of the President’s Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un (66-24 percent), meeting with the North.

More Trump (40 per cent) expect to negotiate as Kim (30 percent) to “much better.”

“The Americans have mixed feelings on North Korea. You want the US to negotiate with Kim Jong-Un, although they doubt the North Koreans would ever admit that on the main sticking point between our two countries: nuclear weapons,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

“You also seem to think that a President trump might be able to get a good deal, even if no one has a clue what the offer is.”

In March, Trump has expressed its interest, has announced that the meeting with Kim and the administration, May 10, that a U.S.-North Korea summit was in the works for June 12. After the cancellation of short-in late may, the summit is officially back on the program.

Since March, the approval of the summit, marked by three points, while the number of those who think that gets to Trump the better offer has been reduced to six points.

The voters explain why you approve (or reject) the President Trump

President Trump’s job rating stands at 45 percent approve vs. 51 percent disagree.

Okay. But why do the voters think he is doing a good job or a bad job?

The latest Fox News poll asks to explain to the voters, in their own words, what is behind their approval or disapproval of the President. Most of the give could relatively answer precisely, as you will see below.

The most important reasons for the approval of the President of Trump that he will “support the economy” (24 percent), “getting things done” (18 percent), “keeps his promises” (17 percent), “putting America first” (10 percent), “shake things up” (7 percent), and “tax cuts” (6 percent).

Under the disapproving, the most popular reasons are “, he does not know what he is doing” (22 percent), “he has the temperament” (20 percent), while others say he is “divisive” or “racist” (13 percent), “damaged” (9 percent), and “lie” (7 percent). Six percent say they are afraid he will start a war.

“Opinions on how the President is doing, underpinned by strong and specific ideas about the fundamental character of Donald Trump,” says Anderson.

“Don’t expect to change his approval rating, unless something happens, challenge core beliefs about him personally.”

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cell phone interviews with 1001 randomly selected voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from June 3-6, 2018. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.


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