Fox News poll: Positive ratings for President Obama, as he finished


President Obama ends his presidency with positive reviews for his work performance and his handling of the economy, according to the latest Fox News poll.

However, while more people feel positive about the economy in today’s time not have to say in more than a decade, many that your family has the financial situation improved since Obama took office.


A third says the economy is very good (3 percent) or good (30 percent). This is awarded to 10 percentage points, from 23 per cent in January 2016 (2 percent and 21 percent, respectively).

Before Obama took office in 2009, only five percent of the voters, the economic conditions, a rating of positive (1 percent excellent and 4 percent, respectively). About 23 percent say it is in poor condition today dramatically from 74 per cent (January 13-14, 2009).

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Despite this improvement, only 30 percent feel they are financially better off now than before Obama became President. One-to-five, and says they are worse off (22 percent), and almost half feel their family’s financial situation is about the same (47 percent).

A 56-percent majority thinks the economy will be in better shape a year from now. A third expected things to be worse (34 percent).

There is a considerable partisan gap in views of the economy of the future. Republicans (89 percent) are three times more likely than Democrats (28 percent) say the economy will be better next year. Fifty-eight percent of the independents sees sunnier times.

Obama leaves the office with a thumbs-up from 53 percent of the voters for his work performance, while 41 percent oppose it.

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For his handling of the economy, 52 percent of voters approving and 44 percent disagree. This is remarkable, since Obama’s ratings on the economy in the negative range, and for most of his presidency.

He received his high of 55 percent approval in September 2009-the recent time, more voters than not rated him positively on the economy. Its record low was in August of 2011, 34 percent of the voters.

Obama ends his second term with less than half of the voters approval of the job he is doing for foreign policy (47-46 percent), health care (47-51%), immigration (47-49 percent), and ISIS (41-51%). In each of these areas, its ratings at or near the peak of his second term in office.

Meanwhile, 43 percent feel the country is less safe than when Obama became President. This is more than twice as many as say it is safe (20 percent). A third feels it has not changed under Obama (35 percent).

Views of Obama as a person were more positive than negative for the majority of his presidency.

The new survey finds 57 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of him, including 40 percent that “strongly” a good view. Forty-two percent have an unfavorable opinion (30 percent “strongly” unfavorably).

Michelle Obama is more beloved: 67 percent favorable vs. 28 percent unfavorable. Almost half of voters, 48 percent, a “strong” positive opinion of the first lady.


By a nearly three-to-one margin, say voters, Obama should not have awarded committed Hillary Clinton for crimes they may be, in connection with the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of state. If Donald Trump mentioned Clinton’s E-Mail problems at rallies, his followers regularly use the phrase “chanted you on Lock!” Shows think the survey, 23 percent of voters, Obama should come to pursue every attempt to make Clinton a pardon. Sixty-eight percent do not agree.

Also voters, the Clinton backed in the presidential election say more against a pardon: 40% Obama vs. 48 percent.

Under the vote for trump, it’s 8 vs. 87 percent.

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cell phone interviews with 1,034 randomly selected voters nationwide and was conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from December 11-13, 2016. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

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