Fox News poll: Is Russia a friend or an enemy? The voters say to the enemy, do you think Trump says friend

By a 36-point margin, American voters view Russia is an enemy of the United States rather than an ally. Spread in contrast to that, by a 53-point, most think President Trump sees it the other way.

The latest Fox News national poll asks voters to label a list of countries that either is an ally or an enemy.

North Korea (93 per cent), Iran (80 percent) and Syria (76 percent) are regarded as America’s top three enemies.

However, it is has the fourth place in Russia (64 percent of the enemy), like it was the most out of the favor of the voters for the last time in 2013, the question on a Fox News poll. Your enemy is the status of up to 24 points from four years ago, when 47 per cent) considered Russia a friend, and 40 percent have a common enemy (March 2013).

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The survey, voters are asked how they thought ” President Trump’s views on U.S. relations with Russia.” Almost three-quarters (73 percent) believe that the President sees it as an ally. Only 20 percent think Trump considers Russia an enemy.

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To say the trumps of the voters, 39 percent, and Russia is a friend, but 59 percent think Trump sees it as a. Compare that to those voters, does Hillary Clinton backed in the election: only 17 percent see Russia as an ally, and 84 percent think Trump.

These findings come on the heels of justice to investigate the Department of the appointment of a special counsel to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and the trump campaign. A 68-percent majority approves of the move, while 29 percent disapprove.

Syria (+15) and North Korea (+10) also the enemy status has changed since 2013. Iran is down four points.

On the other hand, Canada is considered the country’s top ally, for the second time (96 percent). After that, it is the UK (95 per cent), France (92 per cent) and Germany (87 per cent) – the same order as in 2013.

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The President is currently traveling on his first trip abroad and his first stations in Saudi Arabia and Israel. The voters of both countries as allies: Israel, by 73 points (83 percent of ally vs. 10 percent, “enemy”), and Saudi Arabia by 25 points (58 percent vs. 33 percent). Not all countries in the Middle East, you will enjoy this support level.

“As the trump-tours in the Middle East, the Americans skepticism about some of our allies in the war against terrorism to Express. Less than half of the ads, Pakistan, or Iraq are viewed as allies of the USA On the other side, Iran and Syria as enemies; only North Korea scored lower than this on our scale,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

While the voters most of them lost faith in Russia, Syria and North Korea, and some countries have acquired. Egypt (+17), China (+13), Saudi Arabia (+13) and Iraq (+10) saw any, double-digit growth in the ally-status for 2013.


Eighty-one percent of voters consider Mexico a friend of the U.S.

Builds treat a wall on the border in any way to, a friend? The voters say no. Two-thirds do not want to Trump for the construction of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border (65 percent) and over half believe that he’s actually (59 percent).

The Fox News poll is based on landline and cell phone interviews with 1.011 persons randomly selected registered voters country-wide level, and under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) from may 21-23, 2017. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

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