Fox News Exclusive: Suspect in Mackenzie Lueck, the killing of wanted to be a secret room with a wall of hooks built in, it is the contractor’s claims

to connectVideoArrest in the case of absence from the University of Utah’s student Mackenzie Lueck

The Salt Lake City police department, announce that they have taken a person into custody in connection with the disappearance of the 23-year-old student, and Matt and I did the last one.

SALT LAKE CITY – In a Fox News exclusive, the, in Utah, an odd-job man, said on Friday that the man arrested in the disappearance and murder of a University of Utah student, Mackenzie Lueck was recently asked to build a secret soundproof room in his basement, complete with the strange hooks on the walls.

On the 4th of April, nearly three months on Friday the detention of the defendant and Ayoola Ajayi to by the Salt Lake City police department, the maintenance man, Brian Wolf, said that he had a meeting with the guy about some of the flood-damage repairs to his own house.



He, as a self-employed contractor in the construction industry, which is not in the home’s renovations, he said, was a reference to Ajayi, whom he called “AJ” by a handyman who had worked at the home. Eventually, the Wolf decided to have the drywall repairs were made redundant.

That’s when the conversation took a turn.

According to Wolf, Ajayi began to write, “the building of the holy god!” in a very small room in the basement, and a request that set off the alarms.

“He didn’t creep me out until he started asking for with the request that he wanted to be in that room,” Wolf said.

In the first instance, Ajayi proposed a “secret door” in the space of about four feet wide, and from seven to nine feet in length. But then he slowly started sidestepping towards greater things, such as wanting to have a thumb lock on it with a finger print lock, and the toilet, and put the hooks into the concrete, it was just a weird thing he said to me,” Wolf said.

“I have joked around a bit about it. Like, ” What do you have with the hooks is that for?’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to hang on these racks are out there.” And I was like, ” Okay, I will get you a wine rack for you, and do not have any of these lovely colourful crochet that you want to be here.” And when I asked him why he wanted to soundproof it, and he said that if he wanted to sit down and listen to music nice and loud.

“I was thinking,” Why do you think it is a small one, such as it is, almost, a little bit bigger than a walk-in closet — a room and listen to your music real loud, and drink thy wine, or whiskey, or whatever it is?’

“I had a bad feeling. Even my cousin, when we got out of the truck and we both looked at each other and I was like, ” That was weird, don’t you?” And he was like ” Yeah, that was hella funny. We are not doing this job, is it?

“And I was like, ‘Hell no,'” Wolf said.

Ajayi was “adamant about telling me that money is not an object,” the Wolf called back, ‘ says the man insisted that he just needed to get it done right now.”

“He told me that the reason was that he wanted to be as fast and his friend came out. He didn’t tell me her name, what she looked like, something he said his girlfriend was coming into town and need to get it done before she got there because she was a Mormon girl. He did say that she was a white girl,” “and “” she did not know that he drank, so he wanted to hide his alcohol from her.” (Lueck family is Mormon.)

The Wolf said as he finally took control of the project, told Ajayi that his residence was too far away and that he wouldn’t be able to get the job done fast enough. In fact, the Wolf said: “the proposed project, and the friendly and talkative Ajayi, made him very uncomfortable.

A Wolf with text messages to Fox News that sho is for the defendant to ask for a price quote for a creepy and renovations

He, a father of two young children, said that the interaction is everything to him, so much so that he said to his father, his wife, and a few others. He was, however, not to tell the police about his concerns that the “out of the room, he wanted to build and not really suited for anything other than to do something inappropriate.”

“Some people are saying that I should call the police, then,” he said. “But how am I supposed to call the cops and be like, ‘Hey, this guy wants me to build a strange room in the basement,'” Wolf said.

Mackenzie Lueck, 23, was last seen after being dropped off by a Lyft driver is in a park, in the vicinity of Salt Lake City. They like to start the journey with a flight to Los Angeles, where she attended her grandmother’s funeral.

The police said that the Lyft driver, which is approved for use in the business, she said Lueck does not seem to be sad on her way to the park.

Wolf, who has a 23-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son, said the case hits close to home.

“I mean, that sort of thing could be done with it,” Wolf said, referring to his own, for his own daughter. “I can’t imagine what that family is going through.”

He added: “I’m shaking right now. My heart is pounding. I’m about to cry. It has to be a problem. I feel sorry for that little girl.”

As for Ayaji, a neighbor, told Fox News on Thursday that “a lot of women,” visited the suspect’s home. “There have been so many women coming in and out at any hour of the night,” the neighbor, who did not want to be identified, told Fox News.

Authorities said that the police were looking for in Salt Lake City is home to about 19 hours for instructions Lueck place to stay. They said that they would also be on the lookout for a new mattress and box-spring and removed from the house last week.



It can offer a different perspective, a different neighbor, Tom, Chamomile, defended Ajayi, has called him a “professional man” and a “nice guy.”

He said: “we never really got to know the who, what, when, where, and why of it, but I’d be really surprised if it turns out that he was actually involved in it.”.

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