Fourth, indigenous men have been killed in the country ‘Impunity reigns supreme’

In the north-East of Brazil for the fourth time in six weeks, a local man, of the Guajajara tribe have been killed, according to the government agency for indigenous affairs, Funai, Friday, which describes it as a “brutal liquidation”.

During the attack on Dorivan Into Guajajara, was also a non-native man, Roberto do Nascimento Silva. The bodies of the two were found in the industrial district of the municipality of the town of Amarante, in the state of Maranhão state in northeastern brazil.

Officially, the area of the stem that is protected by the Brazilian government, however, it is frequently the target of illegal houtkapbendes. Some of the members of the Guajajara tribe to have an armed civil militia set up to protect native territories in the Amazon rainforest, to protect it from illegal logging and mining activities.

On Sunday, two men of the tribe when they are under fire, and were taken from a vehicle in the vicinity of the village of El-Bethel. For more than a month ago, it was also Paulino Guajajara were killed. He has led the Guajajara-judgmental, which is known as the ‘Forest Guardians’.

The portrait of the fallen Forest Guardian-leader of The Guajajara, in January of 2019 (Picture: Reuters).

‘Impunity reigns supreme’

Sonia Guajajara, coordinator of the indigenous special interest group APIB, for writing on Twitter that the attack is motivated by “hate.” APIB represents nearly 1 million indigenous inhabitants.

“Of all the people who don’t have the feeling that we have perfect freedom, because they know that the impunity of perpetrators prevails,” says Guajajara.

When the people in Maranhão state in northeastern brazil in the landconflicten be put to death, it’s rarely the right one. As a regional watchdog, reported that in the state from 1985 to 2017 157 people during these conflicts, were killed. The court dealt with only five of these cases.

According to the local law enforcement, the dual-winding-up no evidence of a landconflict. Nor does it have to do with illegal logging or ethnic tensions.

As a member of the Forest Guardians as well as with his arm in a car (Picture: Reuters).

‘Then you should sign the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement southern common market (Mercosur is not’

Because of the escalating violence against indigenous peoples in the country, will find the APIB is that the European Union should abandon its historic anti-counterfeiting trade agreement southern common market (Mercosur with Brazil and other South American countries.

“The signing of this deal, it would mean that the EU is ignoring what is happening in the country. This is tantamount to the institutionalization of the crime of genocide,” says Sonia Guajajara.

The Dutch handelsminister Sigrid Kaag, said in July that the southern common market (Mercosur is a potential for environmental and social standards in the Latin American economies in order to export it.

Greater deforestation since the advent Bolsonaro

One of the election promises by the end of 2018 came to the Brazilian president, Jaïr Bolsonaro is the largest rainforest in the world continue to open up economic activities. Also, he said that the land rights of the indigenous people would be limited.

Illegal logging, mining, and agriculture in the Amazon basin has, since the beginning of Bolsonaro has increased. So, after returning to power in 2018, 30 percent of forest had disappeared, compared with 2017, ” wrote The New York Times, nov. Since 2008, there’s not that many, and deforestation take place in Brazil.

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