Fourteen countries, threatening with the suspension of Venezuela in OAS

Fourteen countries, threatening with the suspension of Venezuela in OAS

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Fourteen South and Central American countries have made consider to Venezuela to suspend in the Organization of Amerikaase Countries (OAS) if the country is not quick elections, organizes and political prisoners release.

That left the countries to know in a statement. The suspension is an extreme measure which should only be used if diplomatic efforts fail, let the countries know.

The group of countries, including the United States, Mexico, Canada and Brazil, urged Venezuela to the legitimacy of the parliament to acknowledge. President Nicolas Maduro after a great won of the opposition at the end of 2015, the influence of the parliament reduced.

“We are currently not at the exclusion of Venezuela from the OAS. We ask that Venezuela urgently to follow the law, and as soon as possible to hold elections,” said Mark Toner, on behalf of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The Venezuelan Foreign minister, Delcy Rodriguez, called Mexico in a reaction slavish, and treacherous because of “choosing the side of the Americans’. “Mexico pulls the walls instead of defending the interests and sovereign rights of the South American population,” said Rodriguez on Twitter.

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