Fourteen are injured by turbulence during a flight from Mauritius to Spain

Fourteen people on board an international flight and have a fresh injury when the aircraft is in severe turbulence up. The Airbus A330-343 arrived from the Mauritius, and was on its way to Spain.

The twelve-hour flight was carried out by the Envelope, an airline company that charters are performing. The plan is Tuesday night landed safely at the final destination in Madrid, spain.

An employee of the company on Wednesday announced that the plane over Ethiopia for more than fifteen seconds, had to deal with strong atmospheric turbulence, where the unit is a few hundred meters, collapsed.

The three crew members and eleven passengers were injured. According to the employee, had the passengers listened to the veiligheidsgordelwaarschuwing prior to the market turbulence was triggered.

Turbulence can arise in different ways, for example by the wind or the rising air. If the turbulence cannot be avoided, calling on the crew and all the passengers to sit in their seat belt to attach to.


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