Four WWI shipwrecks, sold on eBay for $1M

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So you think your baseball cards were worth on e-bay.

Of the four German ships of war have been used and sunk during the first world War, will be put up for sale on the auction site, and was able to get $1 million or more.

The current owner of the 70-year-old Thomas Clark, purchased of the shipwrecks are in 1981 for an undisclosed amount, and has decided that he has had enough.

A winch is located on the SMS Karlsruhe. 2012. The wreckage of the four-world war I German battleships scuttled in the Orkney sea – dreadnoughts Kronprinz Wilhelm, Konig, Markgraf, and at the same time in Karlsruhe, are put up for sale on e-bay. (Credit: SWNS)


“It has been an absolute pleasure to own and to dive in this most iconic of ships, and I regret to inform you that I have not been able to do more with them during the period of my ownership,” Clark said of the wrecks that are lying on the Orkney sea for nearly 100 years, and in the comments that it has been acquired by SWNS. “I look forward to meeting with the new owners and hope that they will have the opportunity to realise their ambitions for their construction.”

Clark’s has a “Buy it now” price of 250, 000 British pounds ($313,101), and for each of the Dreadnoughts, SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, SMS Konig and SMS Markgraf, and up to 60,000 British pounds ($75,144), for the cruiser SMS Karlsruhe.

The eBay advertisement for the sale of the SMS Karlsruhe, Scapa Flow, for £60,000. (Credit: SWNS, eBay)

The eBay advertisement for the sale of, the TEXT of the King Scapa Flow, for £250,000. (Credit: SWNS, eBay)

The eBay advertisement for the sale of the SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, Scapa Flow, for £250,000. (Credit: SWNS, eBay)

The eBay advertisement for the sale of the SMS Markgraf Scapa Flow, for £250,000. (Credit: SWNS, eBay)

According to the eBay ad, and if a person bought all four of the sunken ships, they could “have a huge fleet, the largest in the world.”

The ships were part of the German High Seas Fleet, and took part in the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the war.

Eventually, they were interned by the British Royal Navy at Scapa Flow in 1919, where they were disarmed. Prior to the Treaty of Versailles was signed, the commander of the interned fleet, rear admiral Ludwig von Reuter, ordered the fleet to be scuttled in order to prevent the allies from seizing them and they are sitting at the bottom of the sea.

There are a total of 52 of the 74 ships to be seized, wound up sinking. A lot of the wrecks were finally rescued and towed away, but the aforementioned debris sitting at the bottom of the sea, where they are protected as an official monument.

TEXT Kalrushe. The wreckage of the First four world War ii battleships that are on the sea in Orkney for a century and have been put up for sale on e-bay. Dreadnoughts Kronprinz Wilhelm, Konig, and Markgraf, and at the same time to Karlsruhe, were a part of the German High Seas Fleet, which famously sank in Scapa Flow, and while imprisoned, the Treaty of Versailles was concluded. The killer was executed on the 21st of June, 1919, on the orders of the Admiral Ludwig von Reuter to ensure that the allies to seize the ships after the German defeat in the war. The british guard boats were able to get to the beach, and a number of the ships, but 52 of the 74 interned vessels sank. (Credit: SWNS)


Clark, the SMS Markgraf, and planned to save it, but the fact that it is protected as a monument, not allow him or her to do so. This, and other ships are popular for recreational divers, but they are not allowed to touch it or go with the a’s, though.

The new owner will have the right to dive on the vessel, and to be allowed to go and touch them, while also being able to recover any of the items on top of them. However, they would need the permission of the Historic Environment in Scotland.

Also, it is unlikely that any form of commercial storage, it would be allowed, and any sale would need the approval of the british Ministry of Defense for the sale has been completed.


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