Four tips for the festival of Cannes (but then in Ixelles)

You was prevented for the Cannes film festival? Pas de souci! Cinematek and Flagey regain (almost) full selection of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, the parallel festival that earlier, Scorsese, Herzog, Fassbinder and the Dardennes discovered. Four toppers that your cinephile pulse decides the height emit.

Leave no trace © .


Hallucinogenic bloedballetten, demonic bikers with axes, a satanic cult leader, and Nicolas Cage as wraakengel with service his face in the most manic poses draws. After director Panos Cosmatos earlier Sundance in flames had put, did he also the Croisette shake with this frantic gruweltrip partly in the Ardennes was rotated and all cultmeters tilt does save. With an electronic soundtrack by the late Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Leave No Trace

In 2010, indieregisseuse Debra Granik is one of the best films of the year with Winter’s Bone, the suspensedrama that the career of one Jennifer Lawrence launched. In Leave No Trace, she explores again the seamy side of American society in the wake of a father and his teenage daughter in the woods around Portland to try to survive. Welcome to the jungle of contemporary alt-America.


Ghibli-emperors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata are, respectively, peace and death, the quality of Japanese anime is still alive and kicking. That proves Mamura Hosada with this heart-rending film about a four-year-old boy that a new baby sister, an event which his world, his characters and his real – put on her head set. Complex simplicity and simple complexity, you will be served by the creator of Wolf Children and The Boy and the Beast.


Irréversible, Enter the Void, Love… No director is so lustful meesleurt to the darkroom of the condition humaine as Gaspar Noé. Also in his latest trip involves the French enfant terrible is not in. Ninety minutes long, and you will witness a group of dancers who are rich to do good on drugs, where a decadent party one that will long be remembered. Whether you wish to or not. Tune in, turn on, get crazy, with thanks again to the intoxicating camerawork of notre compatriote Benoît Debie.

La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, 2-8/7, Flagey, Brussels. All info:

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