Four protesters and two policemen had been killed in renewed protests in Iraq

Now that the storm between the United States and Iran, and possibly is going to lie down, to go y back to the street, out of dissatisfaction with the government. At least four protesters and two police officers came together Monday to.

In Iraq in October, mass protests against the government, which up to now, a total of more than 450 people have been killed and tens of thousands were injured. The Iraqi police are shooting the last few months, with the focus on the protesters.

After the American attack on the Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani, was there a brief for a shelter at the demonstration, but in a week they will be on the move again.

Former prime minister and united nations envoy to Iraq, Jeanine Hennis released on Monday, a declaration, in which they said that the crackdown on the protests in Iraq is unacceptable, it is.

In protest of Iraqis are angry about the high levels of unemployment and a failing economy. The protests are also fueled by anger over the influence of Iran and the United States in the country.

In november, it announced that prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of the last in the process. In the meantime, he will continue on as the interim prime minister, according to the protesters, go to the formation of a new government is not moving fast enough.

People in Iraq are wearing mededemonstrant who are sick because of the tear gas. (Picture: Reuters)

Civilians and police officers died

On Monday have been at least three protesters were shot dead by the police in Baghdad and Kerbala. Another came after it was hit by a traangasgranaat.

The Iraqi oil city of Basra, two police officers hit by vehicles. This is what happened, according to sources within the security forces after a civilian attempted to clashes between the police and the protesters with his car, and runs away.

People want to be independent of Iraq

The attack on a Soleimani at the beginning of January has proved to many Iraqis, again, the influence of foreign powers in Iraq, especially with Iran, and the United States of america. His death led to an escalation between the two countries, with Iran, U.s. goals are in Iraq to defeat the sun-eater.

The Anti-Iranian and American sensibilities, however, were for the attack on Soleimani driving force behind the protests. By the iranian-backed and armed militia groups are, for example, by the protesters will be held responsible for the shooting of the protesters.

Many of the protesters are giving Iran is the fault of the economic downturn, and are getting angry about the attempts by Iran, according to them, is doing to Iraq is moving forward in its own sphere of influence to attract them.

With the apparent political influence of Iran in the country, was found in October after a leak by Iranian intelligence, which was published by The Intercept, and The New York Times. The documents indicated that Iranian agents are involved (and, in his own words, ” a successful influence inside the U.s. government is trying to win.

37Tientallen killed in mass protests in Baghdad

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