Four dead in shooting rampage at a festival in California, the search for a suspect

At least four people were on Monday killed in a shooting rampage at a garlic festival in the U.s. state of California. The suspected shooter was among the four killed. Police are searching for a second suspect.

At least fifteen other people were injured. It is as yet unclear as to how many victims of bullet wounds, have. One of the hospitals to which the wounded, has reported that there may be more victims.

It’s an annual event, in its place, Gilroy was nearly over, when a guy with an assault rifle opened fire on the audience. The shooter, according to police, a fence will cut in half for the site to be able to attend.

The alleged shooter, whose motive is unknown, it is eventually shot and killed during a brief confrontation with police officers.

The festival site is closed, while the search for the second suspect. What is the role of the second person in the shooting was not known.


California, you are running away after hearing gunshots

There, the Tragic incident took place in the community

Mayor: Roland Velasco, of Gilroy speaks of a “tragic incident” for the community. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

The Us president, when He calls on passersby to be cautious.

The police have a number open for people who have family members have lost or witnessed the incident. In addition, a school is designated as a starting point.

Law Enforcement officers at the scene, or the shootings in Gilroy, California. Reports are that shooter has not yet the leg and apprehended. Be careful and safe.

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