Four dead and more than three hundred people injured in demonstration in Gaza strip

Four Palestinians have died and more than three hundred others are injured in protests at the fences along the Gaza strip. There are skirmishes along the border with Israel. That reports news agency AFP Saturday.

According to the local Red Cross people by tear gas unwell or by bullets or tear gas grenades hit. From the group of protesters were stones and burning tyres thrown in.

The Palestinians in the overpopulated Gaza strip, demands to return to places where their families lived in the then Palestine. There have been demonstrations along the fence, but Palestinians have additional protests announced at the commemoration thereof, from 30 march to 15 may.

The clashes along the border in a year’s time, nearly 270 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier killed. Thousands were injured. According to the Israeli army have Saturday to approximately 30,000 Palestinians along the fences drawn up to demonstrate.


Israeli army put tear gas against Palestinian demonstrators

Tensions run after missile attack

Earlier this week walked out of the tensions in the Gaza strip again with rocket fire. Israel targeted fifteen targets in the Gaza strip. According to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be the go to targets of Hamas. That movement is the official authority of the Palestinians.

The battle between the Israeli army and Hamas flared again after Monday, a rocket landed on a house near Tel Aviv. This is despite a ceasefire that the two parties following the mediation of Egypt would have closed.

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