Fountain to be very disappointed after a ‘bad’ film in the final world cup of boxing

Boksster Nouchka Fontijn was thinking a Sunday in an hour and that they have a Dutch sporthistorie it had been written by a world champion in russia’s Ulan-Ude to it, but after a protest from the opposition for Him, Price was the silver. The impact was hard, with the 31-year-old City.

“I am very, very disappointed,” said Fountain in a quick response through the Boksbond. “I own and left me in a bad film, it’s also getting worse as it was.”

The jury knew the Fountain in the final Price, with the 3-2 victory, but Wales drew up, after the party, a protest against the score in the second round.

This round was made in the first instance, to the Fountain, but when a new jury will have a look at the images it had seen, it was converted to a profit for the Price. This all changed with the final score at 3-2 for the boksster in Wales.

“I felt like a champion, but an hour later, I was in my first world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the gold is already lost”, expected to hide in several places, which have been at the front of the stage when it was announced that there will be a protest filed. “I have heard this, suddenly a lot of shouting, get out of the room, where a delegation from Wales, it was over. That’s when I knew enough, and I’m in the hallway too. I could no longer afford to go to the ceremony as well.”

A huge disappointment to Nouchka Fontijn and Boksteam GB Price after the protest, in defiance of world champion shall be. Nouchka refuses to use a silver paste, and was not present at the medal ceremony.

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“This is a very, very painful’

President Boris van der Vorst of the Netherlands Boksbond referred to the events in Russia in a meeting with “very, very painful. “Nouchka had been on the stage for the first world championship title in boxing, a historical achievement. The grapes are very sour.”

The Dutch association can’t be able to change the decision of the jury as an appeal against the decision to the lead in Price was not possible.

According to Van der Vorst had the Price of an official penalty is earned for the repeated clips of the Fountain. “I don’t know that the warning has been given. If so, it would have happened, had these things not been an issue.”

Van der Vorst recognized, however, that the Welsh took advantage of the new rules of the boksbond AIBA, which shall require that, within ten minutes of a party to a protest may be filed. “You’re that clever, but it is quite unheard of Price this way the world champion has become.”

Fountain would have been even more of a penalty for missing the award ceremony. “It was emotional, and I couldn’t be more motivated to get back to the stage,” says Van der Vorst. “Formally, there is a penalty, but I do hope that the officials will have to understand that it is too bizarre for words as to what is going on.”

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