Found bones in the Vatican, is not the missing teen

The bones were found in a German cemetery in Vatican city, according to the experts of the Vatican city, not of a teenager Emanuela Orlandi, who have been since 1983 without a trace, it is.

They do not have a current against you. The youngest of the bones date back to the end of the nineteenth century”, – said the head of the forensic team on Sunday.

To be an expert by the family of the girl who wants to have more tests done to the bone. Seventy-bones are, in fact, has not been explored because of the eye to age.

The then-15-year-old girl, has been since the 22nd of June 1983, it had disappeared. Her family has a theory that they might be in the cemetery of lies.” Orlandi, was a child of a parent who, at the time, in the Vatican, lived and worked there. The mother is still living, and resides there still.

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