Fortnite-streamer Ninja got 1 million dollars to Apex Legends stream

The publisher of Apex Legends, Electronic Arts, would Ninja a deal for 1 million dollar (883.704 euro) have closed the game from the day of the appearance stream, reports a source to Reuters news agency.

Ninja is one of the most famous and most viewed streamers on the streamplatform Twitch. Here send gamers their play sessions via the internet and watch thousands of viewers with what they are in a game.

Ninja has more than thirteen million followers on Twitch, and therefore, publishers may want to like that he their game play. Ninja often play Fortnite, but stepped up at the appearance of Apex Legends about this new battle-royalegame.

EA will not elaborate on the deal and also Ninja don’t want to say if it is indeed $ 1 million received for the stream of Apex Legends. Another well-known streamer, Shroud, is also paid to Apex Legends stream. Also he does not want to go into the details of the deal.

Streamers become increasingly important for advertisers

It happens more often that streamers are used to new games or other products to promote. There look millions of people worldwide for this type of streamers and therefore companies using them a huge audience.

Apex Legends appeared on the same day as the game was announced and had it within a week, ten million players. Now the counter is on 50 million players. It is an important competitor for the shooting game Fortnite, which with 200 million players, still the largest battle-royalespel.

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