Fort Worth officer who shot a black woman in the house at the address of his have been raised about the use of force

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The killing of a black woman in Fort Worth, Texas during a stop on the well-being, has led to protests from the community. Casey stegall with the latest.

It is a white Fort Worth police officer is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a black woman in her house at the weekend, is set to be interviewed by investigators on Monday, as well as politicians and members of the community have started raising concerns about the deadly use of force.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was shot dead early Saturday by an officer who had been called to take her to Fort Worth to perform a check on the well-being of a neighbor, who reported that the Jefferson’s front door. Bodycam footage released by police shows two officers in exploration on the property, and before anyone shouts “put your hands up, show me your hands”, and fires through a window.

“It would seem that this police officer made a very quick decision to shoot her through the window, which makes absolutely no sense,” Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Texas, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the night of Sunday to Monday, during a vigil for Jefferson’s home, which reportedly was attended by hundreds.

“Our welfare check turned into a dead end, and that wouldn’t have happened,” Fort Worth City Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray said at the news paper. “Our people, our citizens who call the police, you must know that the police would be coming, as well as responding to their concerns and issues in a way that does not lead to a tragedy.”

Texas police officer fatally shooting a woman at her home after a welfare check

Raw video of A black Texas woman, was shot and killed by a white, a Fort Worth police officer who was called to the woman’s home for a welfare check, authorities said.


Fort Worth police said in a statement that, after the detection of a threat, the officer pulled his duty weapon and fired one shot, striking the individual in the home.” The agents entered the house, and an individual with a gun, and started performing emergency medical care.

The department released the bodycam footage of the incident, “is to create a clear, relevant and accurate information to the public, if we are to be allowed within the boundaries of the study are mentioned. All videos in the home that can not be dealt with by the laws of the member states.

However, the bodycam video released to the media, which is still a fuzzy image of a gun in a bedroom in the house, the Associated Press reported. It is unclear as to whether the firearm had been found in the vicinity of Jefferson, and the police said that the officer who shot her, thinking she had a gun.

The police and Lt Brandon O’neil said on Sunday that the officer, who was the force in April 2018, is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation, it was established in order to be interviewed about the fatal shooting on Monday. His name has not been released.

In a brief press conference at the headquarters of the police department, O’neil has confirmed that the officer does not announce that he was a police officer before he fired the fatal shot, and that the failure to do so is to be a part of the research.


O’neil also said Jefferson’s 8-year-old nephew was in the room with Jefferson, so when she was shot. He said to the representatives of the police met with the family of the woman, and shared our serious and genuine concern, and for this unspeakable loss.” Jefferson’s family members, she said, and she looked up at her cousin, at the time.

O’neil declined to answer reporters questions said Fort Worth police chief Ed Kraus plans to conduct a more in-depth press conference later on Monday.

Mayor Betsy Price told reporters last night in the wake of the city will bring in an outside agency to assist in the investigation, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The Fort Worth Police Officers ‘ Association, in a statement to the media, said: “by the Fort Worth police department for the conduct of a thorough and transparent investigation, and with the help of this survey we hope to gain clarity and understanding of exactly what is going on.”

“Police officers take an oath to protect and serve all the citizens of our great city, and the officers most fear the use of deadly force in the line of duty,” it added. “We are grateful to our community leaders who seek to unite in times of sorrow, in the place of the divide, and it is hoped that the co-operation and peace, and will help us move forward.”

Jefferson was a 2014 graduate of Xavier University in New Orleans, louisiana, and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in the fields of biology, the university said.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with her family and friends as we come together as a community in prayer, the President reynold’s Verret said in a letter to the Xavier community. “If we have to wait for the details of this incident to unfold, let us hang on to our mission statement of the ministry of justice and humanity, and the search for answers to this tragedy.”


Her sister, Amber Carr, described the shooting as “another one of those situations where the people they are supposed to protect us are actually here to protect us.”

“You know, I want to see justice,” she told KXAS, “but justice is not to be with my sister again.”

Fox News’ Melissa Leon and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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