Former UN ambassador: ‘Chief of staff and minister is working He consciously at

The former chief of staff, John F. Kelly, ex-secretary of state for Foreign Affairs, Rex Tillerson, the American president, when He knowingly charges, shall be a former united nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, in her forthcoming autobiography. The Washington Post has a copy, referred to and cited from the book of the Tuesday suits.

She claimed that Tillerson, and Kelly and her wanted to work, to Home, to undermine it, and that they have refused to do so. According to her, tried to be the politicians in that way, in her own words – “to protect the country”. Tillerson said that the dead would fall, if He is not in the holes that are to be held, wrote to Haley.

According to Haley, were Tillerson and Kelly, the idea that He didn’t know what he was doing. The Ex-prime minister Tillerson refuses to respond to questions from The Washington Post. The former chief of staff, Kelly says that he has always tried to be well informed and choosing the right.

Soon after, she writes, is shocked by the alleged actions of the two politicians. He calls his Twitter followers on the book to buy.

Soon after, she was, until October 2018, with a UN ambassador

Soon after, she joined in October 2018, for unknown reasons. It was shortly after the inauguration of the Home in 2017 and appointed as an UN ambassador. The former governor of the state of South Carolina, was a prominent voice in the united nations, and they have led to the Us leaving the UN’s human rights Council.

Tillerson, in march 2018, with lay-offs. The reason for the dismissal, and has He not been notified. The prime minister was keen to keen to continue with his work. The staff of the White House, said Tillerson, and He could not agree with the approach of the crisis with North Korea. Also, the prime minister and the president is an idiot to have mentioned.

Chief of staff: Kelly, would He even have been mentioned. Kelly stepped out in december of 2018. In the period prior to Kelly’s dismissal, would be the chief of staff and the president can barely keep up with each other and talk to have.


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