Former Uber-ceo Travis Kalanick indicted for fraud

Former Uber-ceo Travis Kalanick indicted for fraud

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Travis Kalanick, the former managing director of Uber, is by investor Benchmark Capital sued for fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary law.

That notifies Axios Thursday. As Benchmark Capital, the lawsuit wins, it would mean that Kalanick from the board of directors of Uber.

The lawsuit is the result of the decision in June 2016 to the board of directors of the service to expand from eight to eleven people. Kalanick had the sole right of the additional board members. After he left as CEO of Uber, he pointed one of those places to themselves. The other two spots are still empty. Benchmark Capital also has a place in the board.

Benchmark Capital says now that it never had permission given for the three additional places if it had known of “the bad management of Kalanick and other misconduct at Uber”. Because the investor knew nothing about various scandals for them to came out, would their consent is now invalid.

In addition, it would Kalanick as part of his ontslagovereenkomst have promised that the remaining two places in the board were independent. Nominated persons would, by all the directors should be approved. But Kalanick, according to the indictment, these measures counteract.


Benchmark Capital is now that the vote whereby the three additional sites were approved to be invalid. Decide a judge that these are indeed invalid, then disappears also the place of Kalanick himself. Thus would the former ceo is no longer in the directors sitting.

Both Kalanick as Benchmark Capital, according to Axios not be reached for comment.

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