Former rebel leader Ntaganda is ‘ready to die’

Former rebel leader Ntaganda is ‘ready to die’

Photo: AFP

The war crimes in Congo suspect Bosco Ntaganda is to say ready to die. Ntaganda began a week ago with a hunger strike as a protest against the poor conditions of his imprisonment at the International criminal Court in The Hague (ICC).

“I have no possibility to my wife and children under normal conditions to see,” said the Rwandan Ntaganda in a statement that was read by his lawyer. “That’s why I have all the hope is lost. This is why I am ready to die.”

Also allowed Ntaganda to know that his lawyer all the tasks around his defense had to stop. The hunger strike of the warlord following restrictions that, to him, in 2014, are imposed. So telefoonmogelijkheden and visitie options limited for Ntaganda. This is because a suspected that the warlord himself was dealing with witnesses in his criminal case.

Ntaganda, aka The Terminator, was responsible for death and destruction in the Congo region of Ituri in 2002 and 2003. The region is rich in valuable minerals such as coltan. That is for modern means of communication such as mobile phones. He is suspected of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. It includes murder, rape, slavery, and the use of child soldiers.


The ICC has sought Ntaganda since 2006, but he was only in 2013 will be arrested, after he settled in his native Rwanda had surrendered to members of the US embassy in Kigali.

Ntaganda shows the involvement of Rwanda with numerous horrors in the Congo were committed. Since 1998, an estimated five million people to life come as a result of the conflict and the violent plundering of Congo’s natural resources.

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