“Former president of the Gambia stable for at least 332 million euros from state coffers’

Yahya Jammeh, the former president of the Gambia, stole at least 332 million euros from the state coffers in the 22 years that he is the West African country with a firm hand to rule them. That show Friday after a nearly two-year investigation into the former leader.

Jammeh, who in 1994 through a coup came to power in Gambia, fled two years ago out of the country to go into exile in Equatorial Guinea.

The former army chief lost in the 2017 election of the current president Adama Barrow, but refused in the first instance. He went still when other West African countries, threatening him with violence.

The new government found after Jammeh had left a nearly empty state treasury. The country is struggling still with high debts, which are especially made when Jammeh was still in power.

“Money had a major impact on ordinary Gambiaan’

The Gambian attorney general john Abucarr Tambadou handed over Friday a summary of the investigation report to the media. The report is based on interviews with 253 witnesses.

“This is a staggering amount of money, which a large impact could have had on the lives of ordinary people in this country”, said Tambadou. “Instead, the money was used in favor of the pretentious and misleading lifestyle of a megalomaniac. Acts that are both unreasonable and criminal were,” said the minister.

Jammeh took many of his possessions along

Jammeh has made more Rolls-royce cars and three airplanes behind when he was in exile. Those possessions were last year by the Gambia sold. Despite this presumption, the Gambian authorities that Jammeh many of his possessions taken.

Tambadou says that the government will try to get the money back.

Jammeh himself has no response to the accusations made in the report, but his entourage in Equatorial Guinea, the investigations of the ex-president as a witch-hunt.

From a earlier this week published report of the international non-profit organization Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project revealed that the missing amount of money by “looting and embezzlement” even can walk up to 900 million euros.

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