Former NSA employee indicted for massive data theft

Former NSA employee indicted for massive data theft

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A man who for twenty years, and very secret information of the American intelligence service NSA took home, is officially indicted for the large-scale data theft.

The 52-year-old Harold Thomas Martin had in his house to 50 terabytes of classified information, as was shown earlier, after a research of the intelligence service.

Martin is in a state of accusation made by a grand jury, a group of American citizens on the matter are informed by the Public Prosecutor. He is charged with twenty crimes, each of ten years in prison can bring.

In 1996, would Martin have started with the stealing of information. He worked for several companies that opdrachtbasis work for the NSA, including Booz Allen Hamilton. That was also the employer of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Except the NSA would Martin also of the CIA, and two other agencies documents have been stolen.

It is still unclear whether Martin, the stolen information has been shared, or that he plans for. Also, it is not known how he can be so much sensitive data undetected has been able to collect.

Booz Allen Hamilton has former FBI director Robert Mueller was hired to be a security check. Martin will appear Tuesday for the first time in a court in Baltimore.

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