Former model ‘drowsy’ while in the care of a Georgia nursing home

The family of Rebecca Zani, see above in her youth, says the former model died of scab, while in the Shepherds Hill Nursing home. WARNING: Graphic photos ahead

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A former model known for her appearance was eaten alive by parasitic mites as a result of an infestation by the itch, while in the care of a Georgia nursing home.

An investigation of the 2015 the death of Rebecca Zeni, 93, revealed she died from mange during her stay in the Shepherds Hill Nursing home in LaFayette, 11 Alive reported.



What is scabies?

In 2015, a 93-year-old nursing home resident died due to an infestation by scabies. The autopsy report showed the cause of death as “blood poisoning by crusted scabies.” What is scabies and how dangerous is it?

An autopsy report stated the woman’s cause of death was “blood poisoning by crusted scabies.”

State of health of the officials to make them aware of an outbreak scabies at the facility, but not investigations or inspections of the nursing home, the station reported.

Scabies is an “infestation with the human scabies mite. The microscopic scabies mite burrows into the upper layer of the skin where it lives and lays its eggs”, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Rebecca Zeni, a former model, died as a result of an infestation by the itch, while in the care of a Georgia nursing home.

(11 Alive)

As a young woman, Zeni was employed at a navy yard during the second world War, did some modeling in New York City and worked for a tv station in Chicago. She was in the nursing home by her daughter in 2010. Zeni suffer from dementia, the station reported, citing health records.

Zeni family sues Pruitt Health, which runs the nursing home where the woman died.

“I don’t understand how you can allow a man to suffer needlessly,” Mike Prieto, the family’s lawyer said.

Photos of Zeni before she died and left her skin black and scaly. Stephen Chance, a lawyer who is the Zeni family, claimed the nursing staff were told “do not touch Zeni hand.”

“There was a call from this nursing home with a health care provider about being careful about touching, Ms. Zeni hand for fear that it might fall out of her body,” Chance told 11Alive.

The news station asked Dr. Kris Sperry, a forensic pathologist, to look over Zeni the autopsy report. Sperry said of the 6,000 autopsies he has performed, Zeni was “one of the most horrific things I have ever seen in my career as a forensic pathologist.”


Sperry believed hundreds of millions of mites were buried in Zeni at the time of her death. When asked whether it was fair to say Zeni is “eaten alive,” he said that it was probably she suffered a painful death.

“Given what I’ve seen with Mrs. Zeni, that I think frankly that a good characterization,” Sperry said. “I would seriously consider this as a manslaughter by negligence.”

Pruitt Health is not return requests for a response, to the station.

Records from the Georgia Department of Public Health showed officials were notified of the outbreak scabies at the nursing home in 2013 and 2015. The data showed that 35 residents and the staff were exposed to the contamination. The ministry does not inspect, but sent to the facility information about how the treatment of scabies. Zeni died 11 days after the reply of the agency.

The outlet pointed to the state department of health “is not required for the inspection of facilities after learning about an outbreak,” but the expectation is that the height of the Georgia Department of Community Health.

However, the ministry of health has no record to show of the ministry of public health was notified of the outbreak.

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