Former GTA producer to start new studio

Former GTA producer to start new studio

Photo: Rockstar Games

Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has the names for four new game studios and a new game is registered.

Benzies is known as lead developer of, among others, eight games from the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption. In 2016 he left after a long sabattical at Rockstar North, according to his own words, was that a forced departure. The producer requires, therefore, a fee of 105 million pounds (122 million euros) of the company. Rockstar started a private lawsuit initiated against the former employee and called the claim “bizarre’.

Now has Benzies names for four businesses-care. One of these is the gamestudio Royal Circus Games Limited, which is going to focus on the development of games for pc, consoles and mobile platforms. The term “Time for a New World’ and the hashtag ‘#TFANW’ are already set, it is possible that the title of the first game of the studio.

Next to the Royal Circus Games Limited has Benzies VR-Chitect Limited set up, aimed at making virtual reality hardware and software. He also has company Starship Group, and Everywhere Game Limited is registered.

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