Former ‘cultleider’ Apple: ‘I have a monster created’

The person who is largely responsible for the loyalty of Apple customers themselves become part of the group of people who – in spite of criticism of the products – remain loyal to the brand. “I have a sample created,” says former Apple-‘cultleider Guy Kawasaki in conversation with

Kawasaki worked in the eighties for the first time for Apple. There it was his task to the software developers to convince to develop products for the first Macintosh computers, which at that time came on the market.

After an interim period of eight years, he returned in the nineties, back in the role of ‘hoofdevangelist’: a job title which means that his task was to ensure that the ‘cult’ surrounding Apple computers would continue to exist.

Now works Kawasaki for Apple and he says, on four Apple shares after, no more relationship with the company. Yet the Apple cult alive. Owners of an iPhone steps, for example, not quickly on to a different brand, says market researcher Telecompaper. And both internationally and in the Netherlands there are large news sites that thousands of people are reaching with articles about just one company and its products: Apple.

While consumers in the row, wait for them to be allowed in the Apple store in Amsterdam, a proud owner in november 2017, his latest purchase, an iPhone X. ()

“What Apple flikt, is sorcery. Or witchcraft’

Apple has, over the years, a very loyal customer base built up, says Kawasaki. “People want money on Apple products spend. They want to stand in line for the Apple store.” It is therefore guaranteed that the people of new Apple products to buy, he analyzes, even if they are not the cheapest laptops and smartphones.

Also Kawasaki is a victim of the urge to have the latest Apple product to own, he says. He bought a new MacBook, but found out later that the laptop isn’t actually offered what he wanted. “It is an ironic story,” he says. “I had a MacBook Pro from 2018, but I recently went back to the version from 2015. The reason was that I got sick of all the adapters for different USB connectors that I had to wear (the MacBook Pro from 2018 is only equipped with USB-C ports, red.). I have more ports.”

The former hoofdevangelist don’t even understand why Apple has chosen to use all of the different ports replaced by USB-C. “They are playing god: they give you something and take it off again. And they expect customers to follow them. And that they do! I don’t know if it’s genius, but it is very enviable. Any other company would that to cops? It is sorcery. Or witchcraft, it just depends on how you look at it.”

During the conversation several of the shortcomings of Apple products. He complains about the poor battery life of all Apple products, calls the debacle around the AirPower-charging solution “humiliating” and wonders why Apple customers it has done the headphone jack from the iPhone to pick up.

Despite the critiques on the products, continues Kawasaki loyal to the brand Apple, he admits. “I’m not unhappy. In spite of the defects, Apple makes great products.” He acknowledges that he himself is a one in subjection is to become of the cult that he has made. “I have a sample created.”

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